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Minister office
Sh. Arjun Munda Minister arjun[dot]munda[at]gov[dot]in, arjun[dot]munda[at]gmail[dot]com 23388482(O), 23381499(O), 23070577(FAX)
Dr. Anil Kumar Addepally Private Secretary agmu196[at]ifs[dot]nic[dot]in 23388482(O), 23381499(O), 23070577(FAX)
Sh.Banshi Bihari Dutta Asst. PS to Minister banshi[dot]bd61[at]gov[dot]in, banshi61[at]gmail[dot]com 23388482(O), 23381499(O), 23070577(FAX)
Sh. Sandeep Mukherjee Asst. PS to Minister sandeep[dot]m20[at]tribal[dot]gov[dot]in 23388482(O), 23381499(O), 23070577(FAX)
Sh. Sudhakar Chaudhary Ist PA sudhakar67[at]gmail[dot]com 0651-2360060
Sh. Sarvan Singh Baghel Personal Assistant sarvan[dot]baghel[at]tribal[dot]nic[dot]in, sravanbaghel00[at]gmail[dot]com 23388482(O), 23381499(O), 23070577(FAX)
Minister of State Office
Smt. Renuka Singh Saruta Minister of State renuka[dot]saruta[at]gov[dot]in 23062153(O), 23062154(O), 23062155(O), 23062158(FAX)
Sh. Surendra Kumar Meena PS to MoS surendrak[dot]meena[at]ias[dot]nic[dot]in 23062153(O), 23062154(O), 23062155(O), 23062158(FAX)
Dr. Dinesh Kumar Jha Additional Private Secretary dr[dot]dineshkumarjha@tribal[dot]in 23062153(O), 23062154(O), 23062155(O), 23062158(FAX)
Minister of State Office
Sh. Bishweswar Tudu Minister of State bishweswar[dot]tudu[at]sansad[dot]nic[dot]in, mos-tribalaffairs[at]gov[dot]in 23070580, 23070669
Sh. Satbir Singh Personal Assistant satbir[dot]singh13[at]nic[dot]in 23070580, 23070669
Shri. Anil Kumar Jha Secretary secy-tribal[at]nic[dot]in 23381652(O), 23073160(FAX)
Sh. Lakshmi Naryain PPS lakshmi[dot]narayan[at]nic[dot]in 23381652(O), 23073160(FAX)
Sr. G. Rajesh PPS grajesh_agri[at]nic[dot]in 23381652(O), 23073160(FAX)
Joint Secretaries /Advisors / DDG
Ms. R. Jaya Joint Secretary js-mota[at]tribal[dot]gov[dot]in 23383622
Sh. Satish Kumar Sr. PPS to JS sat[dot]kumar[at]nic[dot]in 23383622
Sh. Harvinder Singh PPS to JS harvinder[dot]s24[at]nic[dot]in 23383622
Sh. Naval Jit Kapoor Joint Secretary (Admn.) kapoor[dot]naval[at]gov[dot]in 23073489
Sh. Gaya Prasad PS to JS gaya[dot]prasad72[at]nic[dot]in 23073489
Sh. A. K. Singh Joint Secretary singh[dot]ak2862[at]nic[dot]in 23340468
Ms. Madhu Sawhney PPS to Joint Secretary madhu[dot]sawhney[at]nic[dot]in 23340469
Ms. Yatinder Prasad JS&FA prasady[at]nic[dot]in 23071022
Sh. Guru Dutt PS to JS&FA dutt[dot]guru72[at]gov[dot]in 23071022
Sh. Biswajit Das DDG biswajit[dot]das70[at]nic[dot]in 23340471
Smt. Rashmi Manchanda PS to DDG r[dot]manchanda[at]nic[dot]in 23340471
Sh. Shiv Singh Meena Economic Advisor shiv[dot]singh[at]nic[dot]in 23363176
Ms. Rekha Kumar PS to EA rekhakumar[dot]edu[at]nic[dot]in 23363176
Sh. Madan Mohan Principal Chief Controller of Accounts m_mohan[at]gov[dot]in 23382697
Sh.Shailendra Kumar Chief Controller of Accounts shailendra[at]gov[dot]in 23380591
Sh. Abhijit Roy Controller of Accounts abhijit[dot]roy73[at]gov[dot]in 23381269
Dr. Anil Kumar Addepally Director agmu196[at]ifs[dot]nic[dot]in 23073706
Sh. Harshwant Singh Steno to Director harshwant[at]nic[dot]in 23073706
Sh. Manoj Bapna Director manojb12365-cgo[at]gov[dot]in 23070508
Sh. Rajender Kumar Director rajenderkumar[dot]ofb[at]gov[dot]in 23383965
Ms. Renu Sharma PS to Director renu[dot]sharma16[at]gov[dot]in 23383965
Ms. Athira S. Babu Director athira[dot]babu[at]gov[dot]in 23340272
Ms.Pooja Agrawal Steno to Director agrawal[dot]pooja[at]gov[dot]in 23340272
Sh. Vijay Gopal Mangal Director vijay[dot]mangal[at]nic[dot]in 23340273
Deputy Secretaries/ Joint Directors
Sh. Mukesh Kumar Deputy Secretary kr[dot]mukesh87[at]nic[dot]in 23383303
Sh. Manoj Kumar Singh Deputy Secretary singh[dot]mk[at]nic[dot]in 23340270
Sh. Vaibhav Goyal Deputy Secretary vibhavgoyal[dot]ofb[at]ofb[dot]gov[dot]in 23340470
Ms. R. Mythili Deputy Secretary r[dot]mythili[at]gov[dot]in 23386893
Smt. Deepika Satija PPS to Ms. R. Mythili d[dot]satija[at]nic[dot]in 23386893
Sh. Satyendra Kumar Joint Director satyendra[dot]chadha[at]gov[dot]in 23340463
Under Secretaries/ DCA / Deputy Directors
Sh. Nadeem Ahmad Under Secretary nadeem[dot]ahmad[at]nic[dot]in 23343708
Sh. Uttam Kumar Kar Under Secretary uttam[dot]kk[at]nic[dot]in 23340473
Sh. K. Chandra Sekhar Under Secretary kotamraju[dot]cs[at]nic[dot]in 23380068
Ms. Reema Sharma Under Secretary reema[dot]sharma[at]nic[dot]in 23387187
Sh. Jeewan Kumar Under Secretary jeewan[dot]kumar[at]nic[dot]in 23387007
Sh. Asghar Ali Under Secretary asghar[dot]ali[at]nic[dot]in 23340455
Sh. Manoj Kumar Jha Under Secretary manojkr[dot]jha[at]nic[dot]in 23340466
Sh. Arvind Mudgal Under Secretary arvind[dot]mudgal70[at]nic[dot]in 23340462
Sh. H. Chinzason Under Secretary h[dot]chinzason[at]nic[dot]in 23363709
Sh. Biswa Bihari Panigrahi Deputy Director biswa[dot]panigrahi[at]nic[dot]in 23381903
Sh. Sumanta Chakraborty Deputy Director  s[dot]chakraborty82[at]tribal[dot]gov[dot]in 23340478
Sh. Rahul Kumar Deputy Director  rahul[dot]kumar54[at]gov[dot]in 23340085
Sh.Dhiraj Chandra Ray Deputy Director dhirajc[dot]ray[at]nic[dot]in 23340472
Sh. R.K.Verma Deputy Director ramesh[dot]kv[at]nic[dot]in 23340278
Sh. Madan Lal Meena Under Secretary  madanlal[dot]meena30[at]nic[dot]in 23386942
Research Officer
Sh. Manoj Kumar Research Officer manoj[dot]kumar96[at]nic[dot]in 23383728
Section Officers
Sh. Sushil Bading Section Officer sushil[dot]bading79[at]nic[dot]in 23389535
Ms. Heera Kataria Section Officer heera[dot]kataria[at]nic[dot]in 23340473
Sh. R. S. Meena Section Officer rohtas[dot]meena13[at]nic[dot]in 23386980
Ms. S. K. Jolly Section Officer sk[dot]jolly[at]nic[dot]in 23340278
Sh. Veer Vikram Section Officer v[dot]vikram[at]nic[dot]in 23387512
Sh. Kamraj Malik Section Officer kr[dot]malik[at]nic[dot]in 23387469
Sh. Ashok Kumar Section Officer ashok[dot]kr13[at]nic[dot]in 23382114
Sh. Ram Narayan Section Officer ram[dot]narayan13[at]nic[dot]in 23386952
Sh. S. G. Timothy Section Officer sg[dot]timothy[at]nic[dot]in 23340472
Ms. Deepa Joshi Section Officer deepa[dot]joshi69[at]nic[dot]in 23070580
Sh. Asit Gopal Commissioner asit[dot]gopal[at]nic[dot]in 26712519
Sh. K. C. Meena Additional Commissioner kcmeena[dot]ofb[at]ofb[dot]gov[dot]in 23340506
Sh. Anupam Sonalkar Joint Commissioner asonalkar1985[dot]dad[at]hub[dot]nic[dot]in 23386893
Sh. Bipin Chandra Raturi Joint Commissioner bipin[dot]raturi[at]tribal[dot]gov[dot]in 23340282
Sh. Amit Sahu Deputy Commissioner amit[dot]sahu[at]gov[dot]in 23340508
Sh. Vinod Patil Assistant Commissioner v[dot]kpatil[at]tribal[dot]gov[dot]in 23340495
Sh. C. K. Shukla DDG ckshukla[at]nic[dot]in 23387970
Sh. Pradeep Kumar Agrawal Scientist C pradeep[at]nic[dot]in 23387176
Sh. Aman Kumar Sci./Technical Asstt.-"A" aman[dot]kumar20[at]nic[dot]in 23387176
Other Officers
Sh.Pushpinder Singh Sr. Account Officer pao-tribal[at]nic[dot]in
Sh. Sanjay Kumar AAO kumar[dot]sanjay[at]bsf[dot]nic[dot]in
Web Information Manager
Sh. Rajender Kumar Director rajenderkumar[dot]ofb[at]gov[dot]in 23383965

Nodal Officer Under Rule 4 Of Information Technology (Procedure And Safeguards For Blocking For Access Of Information By Public) Rules, 2009
Dr. Naval Jit Kapoor Joint Secretary (Admn.) kapoor[dot]naval[at]gov[dot]in 23073489

Director of Grievances
Sh. A. K. Singh Joint Secretary singh[dot]ak2862[at]nic[dot]in 23340468