Improving Development Program in Tribal Areas

 Improving Development Programs in Tribal Areas

There is increasing recognition that tribal areas suffer from a ‘development deficit,’ with very slow progress over the past few decades.  This is despite the fact that the strategy of Tribal sub-plan (TSP), is in operation for more than 35 years, has not been successful to influence all concerned in its right perspective.

Though there is a strong focus in the Government of India and state governments on addressing the needs of the tribals,  the normal planning mechanisms requires a more pointed attention to these people.  

The Ministry of Tribal Affairs (MoTA) approached DEA in September 2011, for a World Bank assistance to examine the issues of resource allocation and service delivery in tribal areas under the SCA to TSP and under Article 275(1), i.e., grants for tribal administration and welfare schemes.

Accordingly the DEA has approved the World Bank funded recipient executable project “Improving Development Programmes in the Tribal Areas” in the month of August 2012. After obtaining all mandatory clearance, including Standing Finance Committee clearance, the project is set to roll out shortly. For details of the project , Click the following Links....



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